Self Taught Revolution

About Me July 28, 2008

My name is Angelina Rose aka PBomb, I am Self-Taught and proud of it. I look forward to sharing my thoughts very soon. I have been trying to start this blog for months (years?!) and have notebooks (what are those?!) filled with stuff to post, I am also new to the blogosphere so please bear with me.

posts may or may not contain topics and ideas re: Real Life, Art, Fashion, Design, DIY, Handmade, Pop Culture/Media;Film/Music, Society, ArtsyCrafty-ArtsyFarsty, Who we are, The Way We live, Consumerism, Inspiration, Reviews, Thrifting, Candy/Snacky’s, Japanophilia, Intarnets, U.S. Americans, Baked Goods/Foodie-ism, Healthiness, Worldliness, Products, Marketing, Starz, Opinion, Beverages, Vintage, Couture, Ready To Wear, Ephemera, Decorating, Storage/Organization, Talent, Mediocrity, Idiocracy, Ranting, Technologeeks, Animals, Cuteness, WTF, Hippies, Video Games, obviously the other things that go along with all of these, and more.

Thank you all for your support!


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